Our department was opened in 1997 under the name of Tourism and Hotel Management Program under the Department of Economic and Administrative Programs of Niğde University Vocational School. Subsequently, it was attached to the Rectorate of Aksaray University, which was established with the law no. While our school is continuing education and training as Aksaray Vocational School with the decision of Higher Education General Assembly dated 05.04.2012, the School of Social Sciences and Vocational School of Technical Sciences is divided into two separate schools. Tourism and Hotel Management Program continues its education in Aksaray Social Sciences Vocational School as a sub-branch of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services Department. Students who successfully complete 2 years of associate degree education; They are able to find jobs in various fields of tourism industry such as accommodation, travel and entertainment. There are 2 doctorate faculty members in the academic staff of our department. As of 2018, 102 active associate degree students are continuing their education.

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